Desert Dreams

Desert Dreams

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Description: Dainty and desert never looked so good. Mixed metal desert symbols.

Made in the CO Rockies while jamming to good music. Leverback/Huggie closures so they STAY PUT in your ears and you don’t mysteriously lose one while your are dancing or out howling at the moon. ***Closures are Free of both nickel and lead for extra sensitive skin. 

Dimensions: Length from leverback 2"

The Symbols: Snakes, being so close to the ground, represent the earth. Since they shed their skin, they also symbolize transformation, regeneration and immortality. The snake demon or serpent God in mythology represents fertility in many cultures. In many cultures, snake meaning is God and the snake symbol is worshiped. In the Southwest, many tribes associated snakes with flashes of lightning and associated snakes with speed and feared their deadly power. The elders believed the snake was a symbol of life and rebirth. As a result, snakes made their appearance in many sand paintings and healing ceremonies. Furthermore, they believed that the snake was linked to secrets, fertility, rain, and healing. The snake also became a symbol of renewal as it embraced life and death. 

Overall, snake symbolism is connected to Healing, Wisdom, Primal Energy, Protection, Earth, Stealth, Charm, Rebirth and Eternity

The Sun = The Ruler of Self ... your character, your basic identity, the attitudes, perspectives and interests that help make you unique. It represents one’s personality, ego and their spirit. The sun symbolizes the power and light force  to meet the challenges in your every day life. The 7 mains things attributed to sun symbolism are - life, energy, positivity, clarity, confidence, power, and peace. But it also represents spiritual intelligence. Light is always a symbol of intelligence, and the sun, the supreme source of light in man's world, represents the highest form of intelligence, spiritual intelligence. Many connect the sun to masculine energy while the moon is connected to the feminine.

How to Wear: Put on your Star Lux jewelry (with or without clothing) and look in the mirror and give yourself a big head nod or high five and your best beaming smile. Now...summon your inner Cosmic Goddess self and tell her it is time to rock the eff out of your day (or night). NOW GO BE LUMINOUS!